How the cloud is helping out live transcoding providers meet demands.

Before you would only hear about just live transcoding as a service. Now it has take a new identity. Its now referred to as live cloud transcoding. Nothing has really changed about this service. It still does the same thing. It takes a live video feed and converts it to several different qualities and flavors. In the past all of the heavy lifting would be done by bare metal servers. Now the cloud has allowed providers to be able to add as many cloud servers needed on a moments notice meet just about any demand. The elastic nature of cloud services has made it super simple and easy to scale any service that would normally take a long time to prepare using a conventional server with hardware. Another neat thing about live transcoding in the cloud is better delivery. Most cloud providers have really redundant and networks with lots of peering deals. This means that customers will not experience choke or buffering when attempting to watch a live stream.

Many streaming providers provision accounts on large pre built networks. They build their networks to be able to handle large amounts of traffic from traffic spikes. Any modern CDN has systems in place which show allow it to detect higher than normal traffic. The cloud has been leveraged to automatically spin up server instances via api commands. The days of having a server administrator 24/7 are over. Most of the monitoring can be done but a computer as well as take action to mitigate the issue.

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